WKRP closing theme lyrics

The WKRP end theme lyrics

Said to the bartender "Best night I ever had"
Singin' to the bar
Had a microphone (in)to her heart

I said -
Goodbye madam
I'd had a bird in hand

I said -
I'm doing good
And put love in her heart

This is the WKRP end theme that most people are familiar with, as it is at the closing of almost every WKRP episode. Contrary to the belief that the words in the WKRP end theme are "gibberish and nonsense", careful listening does reveal that the words are there. If this spoils the 'mystery' for you, sorry. If it clears it up for you, great! I listened to the track over 40 times to get an accurate transcription, and, to tell the truth, I never got tired of hearing it!
T.E. Ackerson

Don't believe it? Then click below and take a listen for yourself!
(This is a link to a site with a YouTube clip of the WKRP closing credits.)
* A minor correction has been made, as the (in) is actually a syllable that carries over from the end of "microphone". I should have caught that a while ago. ;-)

WKRP closing theme 2 (Official "gibberish" version)

Got booked Saturday in a little out-of-place way
Goin' to the party, (not) many men steal her heart
California mighta been a little bit still-a (hot)
Did I find someone else in her heart ?

Note: The two words in parentheses above are the closest pronunciation I can determine from the audio sample I listened to.

Yes, there are actually two versions of the WKRP closing theme! When the 'official stance' mentions that the WKRP end theme lyrics are "just gibberish and nonsense words", it this little known version that they are most likely referring to. Hearing it for the first time, the lyrics may indeed sound a bit like "gibberish and nonsense", but with a little careful listening, most of the words can be made out. (It only needed someone taking a little time to do it... ;-)
T.E. Ackerson

You can find the WKRP closing theme 2 here:
And also other songs by Jim Ellis at his website: http://www.jimellismusic.com/Jim-Ellis-TV.html

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